Dommekracht 5 ton

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Robuuste dommekracht, geschikt tot 5 ton.

Floor handling of heavy loads up to 400 mm lift. Robust and maintenance free, this type of jack is fully adapted to be used on worksite.

The " TOP " rack jack is operated by a crank handle. Lifting is controlled by a crank operating through a ratchet wheel with a double retaining catch, giving the jack additional safety . Lowering is by a locked ratchet, holding the load by friction discs. The load can be lifted by the jack head or by the toe.

  • Robust construction.
  • Working Load Limit applied on head and toe
  • The gear wheels, the pinions and the rack are made of heat treated steel.
  • The folding handle of the crank reduces the overall dimension of the jack during transport.
  • Handles for transport are available on all models